The Celebration of Sri Sri Durga Puja-2022 at Ramakrishna Math, Dhaka

Ramakrishna Math, Dhaka, Bangladesh celebrated Sri Sri Durga Puja with usual solemnity, festivity, and spiritual fervor like the previous years. The physical and virtual presence of the devotees were great in number. The whole program was telecast live stream and was witnessed by lakhs of viewers. During the 5(five)days of the Puja nearly one lakh […]

The Celebration of Sri Sri Shyama Puja-2022 at Ramakrishna Math, Dhaka

Sri Sri Shyama Puja was celebrated at Ramakrishna Math, Dhaka, on 24 October 2022, in a spiritual atmosphere and in the presence of small number of devotees as the cyclone `Sitrang’ triggred heavy rains on that night. Special Puja began at 9:30 p.m. and continued till 5:00p.m. During the Puja devotional songs were performed by the […]

The Celebration of Sri Krishna Janamashtami-2022

Ramakrishna Math, Dhaka, celebrated the birthday of Sri krishna with due solemnity and spiritual fervour on 18 August 2022. First session of the day featured with the chanting of all the chapters of Srimad Bhagavad Gita with the participation of monks, Brahmacharins, students and devotees. The second session started after the evening prayer. It included a discourse of […]

The Celebration of Sri Sri Guru Purnima-2022 at Ramakrishna Math, Dhaka

Abiding by the ’Covid-19’ precautionary guidelines of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and the Headquarters of Ramakrishna Math and Mission, Ramakrishna Math, Dhaka celebrated ‘Sri Sri Guru Purnima 2022’ on 13 July 2022 in the Temple with due solemnity and spiritual fervor. The program was featured with Vedic chanting, Bhajan, reading from […]

Flood relief conducted by Ramakrishna Mission, Dhaka at Sylhet-Sunamgonj District

Ramakrishna Mission, Dhaka conducted a Relief Service Program for the devastating-flood affected people of Dirai Sadar and nearby villages viz. Rangamatia, Naogaon, Shalla, ShyamarChar, Sachna and Jamalganj upazilla under Sunamganj District of Bangladesh from 28 June 2022 to 3 July 2022. Relief items included 4415 kg rice, 883 liters Edible oil, 883 kg Salt, 1766kg […]

The 126th Foundation Day of Ramakrishna Mission has been celebrated by Dhaka Ramakrishna Mission

The 126th Foundation Day of Ramakrishna Mission has been celebrated by Ramakrishna Mission, Dhaka, on Sunday 1st May 2022. The drawn program of that day included morning prayer, Special Puja, Vedic chanting, reading from the Sri Ramakrishna-Swami Vivekananda literature, performance of devotional songs by monks and devotees, discussion meeting on the “the Principles and Ideals […]

The 187th Birth Day Celebration of Sri Ramakrishna at Ramakrishna Math, Dhaka

The 187th Birth Day of Sri Ramakrishna celebrated at Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission, Dhaka, Bangladesh on Friday, 4th March, 2022. To mark the day programme had been drawn-up with several events, e.g. Usha Kirtan at 6:45 a.m., Special Puja at 7:00 a.m., Pushpanjali at 12:15 p.m., Naranarayana Seva (prasad distribution) at 12:30 p.m., Cultural […]

The Celebration of Sri Sri Saraswati Puja at Ramakrishna Math, Dhaka

Sri Sri Saraswati Puja was performed at Ramakrishna Math, Dhaka, on 5 February 2022 in an usual manner like the previous years. Puja began at 8:15a.m.. `Hatekhadi’(Ceremony of beginning study) held at 9:30a.m.. Many children took part in it with their parents. In the presence of a large congregation, Pushpanjali took place at 10:30a.m following […]