Short report of Sadhu Bhandara and memorial meeting of the passing away of Rev. Sw. Ameyanandaji Maharaj

In commemoration of the passing away of Revered Swami Ameyanandaji Maharaj, Ramakrishna Math, Dhaka arranged a memorial program including Special Puja, Homa, Sadhu Bhandara and Bhakta Seva on 29 October 2021.

Secretary of the Ashrama presided over the memorial meeting. The speakers among the sadhus included Swami Haripremananda, Swami Shantikarananda, Swami Krishnasevananda, and one senior monk of ISCON, Dhaka. Among the devotees, Justice Mr. Soumendra Sarker, Bangladesh Supreme Court; Professor Mr. Sitesh Chandra Bachar, Head of the Department of Pharmacy, Dhaka University; Mr. Sailendranath Majumder, Ex-secretary, Home, Govt. of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and Smt. Mira Saha, Secretary, Sarada Sangha, Dhaka shared their brief memories of Revered Swami Ameyanandaji Maharaj.

In the Sadhu Bhandara, the monks and brahmacharins of our Branch centres were invited. As it is the tradition of Dhaka Math, we also invited the sadhus and priests of Iscon, Gauriya Math and other religious institutions in Dhaka and outside. The same was arranged after the passing away Revered Swami Aksharanandaji Maharaj in 2011. 60 monks attended the program and were entertained with sumptuous meals and various gift items.

The spontaneous presence of the devotees and well-wishers in the program was just overwhelming. All the devotees were served with cooked food.

We have been able to bring out a short biography of Revered Swami Ameyanandaji Maharaj.

Including all the guests and devotees about 7000 people were present and took prasad.

The whole program was live streamed.


Link of the program photos: Click Here

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